About Us

The Orange Apple Creative Imagery is a Vancouver, British Columbia based internationally recognized image production studio dedicated to producing the highest quality imagery for the advertising market.

We believe that the changing needs of the visual communicator need a more comprehensive solution which is why we offer not only creative retouching but a complete suite of services to our partners: Pre-production Planning, Production Management, Photography, professional Makeup Artistry, Styling, Prop Creation, Creative Retouching, 3D and Motion.

Having all these key services in-house allows us to ensure the same ‘rules of realism’ that we commit our retouching to is implemented across all platforms to meet our highest of industry standards. This also makes project management much easier, efficient and consequently much more cost effective.

We deliver everything from simple visuals, studio retouching with stock photography/CGI to complex imagery with full Photography and Post and we’re always happy to collaborate with external Photographers to meet any of your needs. We’re dedicated to utilizing all technical and creative possibilities across multiple platforms as a cost-effective way to realize your ideas.


Established in 2005, we have earned a reputation for developing visual solutions and producing exceptional imagery that exceeds client’s creative and technical expectations. We have pioneered digital imaging in Vancouver with our unique approach and expertise to creative retouching which quickly earned us national and international recognition as a leading image production studio. In 2008 we introduced our photography craft to accommodate the changing market and to fill the gap between retoucher, photographer and ad agency. In early 2009 we also introduced 3D services to better support the needs of today’s creative imagery.

Our expertise stems from over 20 years as Agency Advertising Creatives, allowing us a unique and unparalleled understanding of creative advertising from concept to final production. All of which has has earned us countless accolades on the world stage of creative advertising.

Client Feedback

“If I can make a terrible sketch of something The Orange Apple can make it a masterpiece.”
Neil Shapiro, Associate Creative Director, DDB Canada

“The Orange Apple are strong retouchers with great eyes for photography, but they bring a lot more than that to the table. They’ll always find ways to creatively solve your problems and fulfill your ridiculous requests, all while crafting the hell out of whatever they’re working on.”
John Larigakis, Art Director, DDB Canada

“The Orange Apple have a true gift to make the impossible possible. No matter what challenge you throw their way, they’re able to find a creative solution to make it come to life. We have relied on The Orange Apple several times to work their magic for our clients and they never disappoint. I have no hesitation in recommending the team at The Orange Apple for your next creative image opportunity.”
Dean Lee, Executive Creative Director, DDB Canada

“I can't say enough good things about the team at The Orange Apple. My confidence in a project is always boosted when I know that they will be involved. So much so that even when I left Canada to work at a couple different shops in Europe, I continued to use them. The attention to detail, the level of craft, and the sheer effort that goes into every pixel is world class. If you want visual magic call 1-800-THE-ORANGE-APPLE (this phone number may not work, not sure).”
Dan Strasser, Associate Creative Director, Bensimon Byrne

“I've had the pleasure of working with The Orange Apple on multiple projects and it's always great to see what they come up with.The level of detail that goes in every project is just amazing. The work they do is some of the best in the world and regardless of the countless emergencies I have called them with, mostly late at night, they manage to complete the projects on time and looking great. ”
Andrew Alblas, Art Director, ReThink Canada

For more information please contact us: info@theorangeapple.ca or 604-943-6100